2 Egyptians released after 3-week detention in Yemen: Ambassador
Egyptians fleeing from Yemen - YOUM7

CAIRO: Two Egyptian nationals in Sanaa were released after three weeks of detention, announced Egypt’s Ambassador in Yemen Youssef el-Sharqawy Saturday.

Ibrahim Montaser and Yasser el-Masry were arrested by Yemeni security authorities in Sanaa on grounds of administrative issues regarding their exit visas.

“The release came in the framework of the continuous efforts by the ministry of foreign affairs to help Egyptians who seek a return to their home country from Yemen,” El-Sharkawy told Youm7.

Dozens of Egyptians have returned from Yemen since a Saudi-led military operation started in late March against the Iran-backed Shiite Houthis forces, which seized swaths of the country’s territory and forced President Hadi to resign in January.

Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia as well as Oman opened their borders with Yemen to receive Egyptian returnees. Djibouti and Addis Ababa as well have received many Egyptians coming from Yemen through their borders.

The month-long Operation Decisive Storm in which a number of Arab/Gulf countries participated ended on Tuesday, and instead another operation dubbed “Restoring Hope” began; both were per request from the Yemeni President Hadi, who escaped from Houthi control in February.

Additional reporting by Amal Raslan

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