Liberal parties may rejoin Egyptian Front
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CAIRO: The liberal parties of Ghad, Conference and the leftist party of Tagammu, may re-join a parliamentary elections alliance with the Egyptian Front, a senior member within the alliance told Youm 7.

Nahy al-Shehaby, Chairman of Generation Party and member of the presidential council of the front, said that Wednesday will witness a meeting with the three parties’ representatives to discuss the possibility of this matter.

In December 2014, the three parties announced their retreat from the alliance without explaining officially the reasons behind this move. However, press reports cited that disagreements with the other alliance members over composing the candidates list, was the main reason.

The alliance was formed in August 2014, mainly lead by Al-Harka Al-Wataniya Party which was founded by former presidential candidate and prime minster Ahmed Shafiq.

Shehaby vowed that the Egyptian Front would call on forming a national candidates list in order to unify civil political powers.

The majority of the countries’ political parties are still finalizing their electoral alliances, as there are at least other two civil parties’ alliances other than the Egyptian Front.

Parliamentary elections were originally scheduled to take place in March and April but the unconstitutionality of some electoral laws’ articles prevented polling, and new draft laws are currently being finalized.

There is now no clear date for running the elections was set till now, but President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi said Monday that holding elections before Ramadan, which begins in late June, would be “impossible.”

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