One of my favorite memories of space was seeing Egypt: Astronaut
Mary Ellen Weber Weber’s visit to Nile University - Photo Courtesy of US Embassy Cairo's twitter account

CAIRO: Mary Ellen Weber, a former NASA Astronaut and the Managing Director of Stellar Strategies and Member of the NASA Advisory Council Committee on Innovation and Technology, visited Nile University Wednesday to talk about her experiences in space, Youm7 reported.

“To Boldly Go: The Experience and Majesty of Space” was the title of Weber’s meeting in Nile University, in which she discussed her experiences in space spanning more than 10 years. She added that her experience was very enjoyable, and that operating in a zero-gravity is not as simple as people think.

“Young people here today will have opportunities I never had,” said Weber, the U.S. Embassy in Egypt wrote on its Twitter account, when she was speaking about education potentials and chances the current generations have.

“The really cool thing about being in space? Looking at the earth!,” “My view of the Nile and the Delta was beautiful! The dark green, the golden sand and the blue of the Mediterranean,” Weber said, describing the amazing view of the Earth from the space.

Weber’s visit to Nile University came after two days of the official launch of the U.S.-Egyptian Higher Education Initiative (HEI), where U.S. Ambassador Stephen Beecroft launched in the American Embassy in Cairo, with the presence of Minister el-Ahwany, Minister Abdul Khalek; Master of Ceremonies Mr. El-Kerdany and Astronaut Dr. Mary Ellen Weber.

The United States aims to fund around 2,000 talented Egyptians to attend Egyptian and American universities, by the $250 million initiative, according to the Embassy of the United States in a Cairo press release.

“The scholarships will support study in fields that Egypt itself has identified as critical to its  long-term economic success  and prosperity—fields that include the applied sciences, engineering, and business administration,” said Ambassador Beecroft in the launching ceremony.

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