Ex-Special Olympics champion victim of gang rape
Men were accused of raping - YOUM7/ Mohamed Farag

CAIRO: Four men were accused of raping an 18-year-old mentally challenged girl and abducting her for two days inside a building under construction in Port Said governorate, in north east Egypt.

The victim, Y., who had won a gold medal in 2011 Special Olympics, said she found herself “completely stripped of her clothes” inside a room in an abandoned building and raped for two consecutive days by four men. She added “my screams were in vain.”

Everyday, Y. heads to a vocational rehabilitation center where she learns handicrafts. On Saturday noon, she left the center to return when two men intercepted her way and threatened her with a knife, and forced her onto their motorcycle.

Y.said she was forced to submit to their threats, and then was taken to a building, the doorman of which was one of the four who raped her. Later investigations showed that one of the assaulters was a baker in the victims’ neighborhood. The age of two of the offenders is 18 years old, while the doorman is 50 years old.

“I entered a dark room, and one of the two men named Ahmed phoned his friends to come,” Y.  told Youm7.

She said they forced her to drink a drugged tea and smoke hash, and beat her when she tried to resist.

Before they threw her in the street on Monday, the assaulters took pictures of her naked with their mobiles and threatened her not to inform on them. She was then taken to a police station, where her parents found her.

With a voice thick with tears, Y.  said she wants them to be executed, and that her parents have called for the same.

Under the Egyptian code, rape is a capital offence, after punishments were strengthened in 2011.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Farag.

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