Pics: Bike Marathon in Maadi celebrating Labor Day
Bicycle Marathon in Maadi -The cairopost/Kareem Abdul Kareem

CAIROMinistries of Youth and Manpower organized Friday morning a sports festival, on the occasion of the Labor Day May 1; dozens of youth participated in a bike marathon in Maadi district, south of Cairo. 

 The marathon started at Maadi Yacht Club, ending at the Constitutional Court. The event was guarded by security forces. 

The festival’s program included a three-kilometer walk, a bike race and other activities.

The day coincidences with the Chicago strike on May 1, 1867, which demanded an eight-hour working day. It was then proclaimed in a national law in the city in 1869.

Under the Egyptian 2013 Labor Law, the legal maximum working hours are eight hours a day or 48 hours a week

Celebrating Labor Day in Egypt started in 1924 by Alexandria laborers. The day became a national holiday in Egypt in 1964. 

On April 27, President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi celebrated the Labor Day with Egyptian laborers at the Police Academy and honored a number of veteran and young workers. 

Additional reporting by Ashraf Azouz

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