Monorail to be established in Egypt by 2018
Proposed design of the first Monorail in Egypt

CAIRO: A monorail train will be established to connect three cities in the Cairo metropolitan area, according to the Ministry of Housing Saturday.

The hanging train would be the first of its kind in Egypt, and will connect Cairo and Giza governorates to 6 of October City.

Construction is scheduled to start in January 2016 and to end by mid-2018, with a 30-month scheduled timeline.

The housing ministry has published a concept design of the train, in which the Mall of Arabia Shopping Center, situated in 6 of October City, appears in the background.

The $1.5 billion project aims to serve residential neighborhoods the industrial city.

Although it is classified as part of Giza governorate, 6 of October City is located in the desert far from downtown Cairo and active districts; 17 km from the Giza Pyramids and 32 Km from downtown Cairo.

The 6 of October City is reachable through the Mehwar Bridge or (6 of October Corridor) that starts from the 26th July Corridor near Zamalek and Mohandiseen, and has an exit to the Cairo –Alexandria Desert Road.

The to-be-established monorail would include 17 stations grouped into two phases; 12 in the first phase and five in the second one.

Two stations would be established in the Sheikh Zayed City, a district in 6 of October City and situated about 15 km from Lebanon Square, Mohandiseen District.

The monorail project will be implemented by an Egyptian-Canadian coalition, whose technical and financial bid was selected by the Ministry of Housing.

The New Urban Communities Authority will pay the cost of the project in installments over 14 years.

The Canadian party of the coalition is represented by the Bombardier Transportation Canada Inc., which has implemented similar projects in some 18 countries, including the United States, Spain, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Canada.

The local partners are represented in the two Egyptian companies: the Arab Contractors and Orascom Construction Industries.

Additional reporting by Ahmed Hassan

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  1. Shirley Fedorak
    May 2, 2015 at 9:10 pm

    What’s with all the grandiose plans? The govt can’t organize garbage pick-up. The city is even filthier than it was under Mubarek. Fix up the problems before launching expensive projects.

    • Natalie Tamer
      May 3, 2015 at 6:51 pm

      we need this to organize transportation and help with all the increase in popullation. The garbage is a result of non awarness among other factors!

  2. Franklin J. Kapustka, PE
    May 3, 2015 at 11:43 pm

    Reactive powder concrete compression arch beams with a minimuym 22.5 degree angle at bearing should save about 40% in materials based on Chinese publications.

    • D.A. Bendnarek
      May 8, 2015 at 8:23 pm

      Could you specify which publication do you mean ? I am intrested in monorails.

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