Egypt 10th most tobacco consuming country: Minister of Health
Health Minister Adel Adawy - YOUM7

CAIRO: Egypt places tenth among the most tobacco consuming countries in the world, and smoking is the second leading cause of death worldwide, Health Minister Adel Adawy told Youm7 Sunday.

“Smoking leads to the death of 5 million person per year, with a rate of one dead person every 6 seconds,”added Adawy.

Smoking causes many diseases, including respiratory system diseases, bronchitis, tuberculosis and lung cancer.

Ministry of Health will celebrate World No Tobacco Day on May 31, sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO,) and aims to warn against the dangers of smoking and damages caused by it.

According to a study by WHO, smoking kills nearly 2.5 million yearly around the world. The study also revealed that by 2025, the number of smokers worldwide is estimated to reach 1.7 billion.

Deaths caused by smoking diseases are 4.9 millions per year, which estimated to be 7 percent of the total deaths.

A Feb. 22 presidential decree raised sales taxes on both local and imported cigarettes by 50 percent.

Under the decision, the government applied an increase of 0.5 EGP or more on brands officially sold at or below 10 EGP ($1.3) per pack.

Meanwhile, local and foreign brands with an official retail price between 10-16 EGP saw an increase of at least 1 EGP per pack, and brands retailing for more than 16 EGP saw an increase of at least 1.5 EGP per pack.

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi previously raised taxes on local and imported cigarettes and alcoholic beverages by up to 200 percent in July 2014.

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