France committed to deliver Egypt Rafale jets: Ambassador
Rafale fighter aircraft - REUTERS

CAIRO: French Ambassador in Cairo Andry Baran, stated Monday that his country is still committed to deliver the Egyptian ministry the 24 Rafale air jets, following a deal signed in February.

“The deal comes in the light of strengthening the ties between both countries, especially in terms of facing common regional threats,” he told the state-owned news agency MENA.

The Egyptian and French militaries signed a $5.2 billion deal, at the time when the Obama administration has suspended the delivery of F 16 air jets, which is a part of The U.S. military aid to Egypt.

“With Libya being wrecked by instability to the west and the threat from Islamic State group-linked militants to the east, Egypt plays a key role in providing stability in a troubled region,” French Foreign Minster, Laurent Fabius said in news statements following the deal being signed.

However, many were critical of France signing the deal with Egypt as several human rights organizations have condemned the Egyptian authorities’ crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood group.

“We are hoping to move step by step towards more democracy, but the stability of Egypt is a very important point,” Fabius added.

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