Be gentle with yourself, Abo Trika
By Omar el-Ayobi

Mohamed Abo Trika, one of the most beloved and respected Egyptian football players, has become an icon in the past ten years.

“The Saint,” as people refer to him, seems to be experiencing psychological confusion affecting his career in football since the ouster of Mohamed Morsi. Abo Trika has allegedly been accused by the media of financially supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

Abo Trika is also facing legal charges of being involved in the protest at Rabeaa al-Adaweya for weeks, by providing money and equipment such as electricity generators. Taking into consideration the public rage against the Muslim Brotherhood, Abo Trika has not made any statements admitting or denying these claims.

Nonetheless, he has been criticized for his repeated attacks on Egyptian officials.

Abo Trika clashed with a representative of the Egyptian Mission in Congo after an argument over following the news of Morsi’s removal on Al-Jazeera. After his return to Egypt, he fought with an Egyptian army officer.

Abo Trika is still shocked by the overthrow of Morsi and the fall of the Muslim brotherhood, which has reflected in his performance during the last games, putting his career at risk.

Why all the anger, Saint? There is no problem in refusing the isolation of Morsi and his group. You have publicly expressed your support of Mohamed Morsi during presidential elections, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood. This was never a crime. Many honest people belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood without necessarily turning to violence or terrorism.

Abo Trika is still shocked by the fall of the Brotherhood and this caused him a lot of bad form in last matches and continuing this way will accelerate the end of his career.

Be gentle with yourself, Abo Trika.

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