Cairo metro experiences major shuffle following collision
Trains Collide In Abbaseya Metro Line - YOUM7

CAIRO: Major changes in the management of the Cairo’s Metro Company have been decided by the new chief Khaled Sabra, who held a meeting with the officials of the maintenance and operation departments on his first day at work Monday, Youm7 reported.

The changes have mostly affected the two departments after a rare metro crash April 26, informed sources told Youm7 Sunday.

Among other changes in the metro’s board of directors, Minister of Transportation Hany Dahy assigned the post to Sabra Sunday, removing former metro chief Ali Fadaly.

The technical report of the accident noted that a “lack of diligence” led to the metro crashing into a barrier on the Attaba-Heliopolis line due to a brake failure.

The maintenance department did not check the brakes properly before using them; therefore the driver was not able to control it when it continued from the workshop to the actual metro line until it hit a barrier, the sources at the metro company told Youm7.

Further, the operator in the control room did not close the tracks leading out of the workshop, although he saw the train taking the tracks to the Abbaseya metro line and cross stops between the workshop and the official metro line, the sources said.

The driver, who survived the accident but is still receiving treatment at a hospital, is also responsible for not testing the breaks before driving it, the sources added.

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