Rights group condemns atrocities in Syrian city of Aleppo 
Rebel fighters of Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam) carry their weapons as they move to take cover during what they said was an offensive by forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad against them and to take control of all the area of Medaa town in the Eastern Ghouta of Damascus - REUTERS

BEIRUT: An international rights group says Syrian government forces and insurgents have both committed abuses in the contested northern city of Aleppo, but that some of the government’s actions amount to crimes against humanity.

Amnesty International says the Syrian military’s relentless aerial campaign against opposition-held areas of the divided city have caused widespread civilian casualties.

The rights group says the indiscriminate nature of the attacks suggests the systematic and deliberate targeting of civilians. Amnesty says that would constitute a war crime and crime against humanity.

In a report released Tuesday, Amnesty says insurgent groups have also committed abuses by using imprecise weapons such as mortars and improvised rockets against government-controlled neighborhoods.

The report also documents the frequent use of torture, arbitrary detention and abduction by both sides of the conflict.

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