Belarusian, Czech men arrested in Egypt
Cairo metro - YOUM7

CAIRO: Two foreigners were arrested in Egypt Monday evening and placed under investigation over suspicious behavior and possessing maps of Cairo metro stations, Youm7 reported.

Belarusian Sergei Olaoy Ovsky, 22, was arrested in Kozzika station, southern Cairo; he was accompanied with another man who fled away when station security men approached to them.

When he was stopped and questioned in the station, the security men found Ovsky had neither an ID or a passport and he told the officials he is living in Alexander hotel in the downtown. The police officers headed to the hotel and they found his escaped friend Yaroslov Harok, 24, a Czech citizen.

The police officers inspected the room and confiscated a Belarusian passport, Israeli ID, an immigration document to Israel, two digital cameras, two flash memories, and a memory card.

The flash memories have photos of metro stations such as Shohada, Shobra and the maintenance workshop of Shobra el-Khema station. The men are being investigated.

In December 2014, two Egyptian-Britons and their Egyptian cousin were stopped at El-Marg Metro station north east of Cairo late after a contractor reported to the police that they were speaking in English about potential sabotage on the anniversary of the January 25 Revolution, according to Youm7.

Few hours later, the three people denied the contractor’s claims and were released.

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