Egyptian historian to visit Israel despite taboo
Prominent Egyptian historian Maged Farag - Photo courtesy of The Royal Historian Maged Farag facebook page

CAIRO: Prominent Egyptian historian Maged Farag may visit Israel to hold a series of meetings with Israeli scholars, reported Kol Israel Wednesday; the step could be rejected by Egyptians who refuse “normalization” with Israel.

Farag expressed his hope that the visit could be a “new chapter in the relations between both sides,” the radio added.

Although Egypt as a nation has trade agreements with Israel dating from 1980, allows Israeli tourists to visit the country, and both countries maintain mutual embassies, most Egyptian citizens are subject to extreme scrutiny for any perceived contact or collusion with Israelis.

The Egyptian Book Union and Syndicate of the Journalists ban their members from visiting Tel Aviv. Moreover, visiting Israel requires permission from Sovereign security bodies.

Following the Camp David agreements overseen by then-president Anwar Sadat, a wave of criticism by the opposition and writers raised against the president, who then detained more than 1,500 opponents, writers and journalists within three days.

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