Egypt court rejects suit demanding ban on entry of Hamas members
The armed wing of the Hamas movement - REUTERS

CAIRO:  An Egyptian court rejected Wednesday a lawsuit calls for banning members of Hamas from entering Egyptian territory, Youm7 reported.

Commissioner Authority of State Council rejected the lawsuit filed by lawyer Samir Sabry to bar Hamas members from entering Egypt; the court said the lawyer did not elaborate on his grounds for demanding the ban.

“The civil plaintiff did not specify the factors required to ban the exit from or entry into the country, although the court asked him to specify names of the persons he wants to prevent from entering or leaving, “the court said in its ruling.

The law case also has no investigations with Hamas members or judicial rulings against them,” the court added.

On Feb. 28, the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters designated Hamas a terrorist organization over its “role in attacks on Egyptian soil,” as alleged by Sabry. But the ruling was annulled after Sabry dropped the case.

Wednesday ruling said the previous ruling by the Urgent Matter Court has no link to ban the organization members from entering or leaving the country.

The military arm of the Gaza-based group Qassam Brigades was also listed by the same court as a terrorist organization Jan. 31.

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