Man dies in detention in Beheira after alleged torture
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CAIRO: A report alleging the torture of a detainee at a police station in Beheira governorate was filed hours before his death, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

The prosecution received the torture report from the detainee’s lawyer on Tuesday; the same day the victim, identified as A.A. was pronounced dead inside his detention cell in the Rasheed Police Station. He was arrested for possession of firearms and was being held in custody pending investigations.

As the news of his death spread, residents of Rasheed city gathered outside the police station, accusing officers of torturing the detainee to death. Officers in the station have denied the accusation.

Four persons were reportedly injured in confrontations between residents and police personnel trying to disperse the gathering.

No official forensic report revealing details of the death has been released.

Torture-related accusations inside police stations have been regularly denied by authorities at the Interior Ministry.

Last month, Lawyer Imam Afify passed away one week after experiencing a brain hemorrhage at the Matariya police station that put him in a coma.

Afify was feared to have died of torture after two of his colleagues, Montasser al-Zayyat and Mohamed Mokhtar, said he was beaten until he suffered a stroke.

Karim Hamdy, another lawyer, was announced dead Feb. 24 while in detention at the Matariya police station; pictures of his bruised body circulated on social media.

A forensic report recorded torture, showing Hamdy sustained fractures to the ribs, among other fatal injuries. Two national security officers will stand trial June 6, over accusations they beat Hamdy to coerce a confession.

Additional reporting by Gamal Abu el-Fadl and Nasser Gouda

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