2 conscripts killed in missile attack on Rafah camp
Egyptian armed forces in Sinai - REUTERS

CAIRO: Two conscripts were killed in a missile attack on their security camp in Rafah, North Sinai, early Thursday, Youm7 reported.

Rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs,) launched by a number of assailants, damaged the camp’s gate and killed two conscripts from the guard forces, a security source in North Sinai told Youm7.

Hundreds of soldiers and officers have been killed in militant attacks launched on checkpoints, military services and armored vehicles in North Sinai since the 2013 ouster of the President Mohamed Morsi.

In response, an intensive security campaign in this part of the peninsula has been ongoing to combat the insurgency, which is a branch of the Islamic State group (IS.)

As part of the campaign, the military continues to strike “terrorist” hotbeds, arrest suspects and destroy hundreds of  tunnels used to smuggle people, goods and weapons under the Egypt-Gaza borders.

Dozens of Bedouin tribes have recently announced they are uniting to assist the military and police in Sinai to fight “terrorist groups.”

The announcement came after Sinai Province, previously known as Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, beheaded a 16-year-old boy from the Tarabin tribe and fatally shot another tribesman.

The militant group re-branded its name after pledging allegiance to IS in November 2014. It has claimed responsibility for most of the attacks launched against the military in the peninsula. The group has also committed IS-like executions against Bedouins by beheading some of them for their alleged collaboration with either the Egyptian army or Israel.


Additional reporting by Mohamed Hussein

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