Cairo teacher caught on video beating student
Teacher beating student - Screen shot from Video

CAIRO: A teacher was caught on video last week while violently beating a student during an exam in the private Al-Orman Primary School in Maadi.

The video showed computer teacher Adel Sultan grabbing third grader Youssef Mohamed’s head and repeatedly hitting him on his back and his head in front of other pupils.

Some other teachers appeared in the video trying to interfere to separate Sultan from the student, shouting “Adel, enough Adel.”

Youm7 obtained the video from the student’s father.

“When I saw the video, I could not imagine I would do something like that,” Sultan told Sada el-Balad Channel on Wednesday.

He said that Mohamed persistently asked to leave the exam before time, and when his request was rejected, “[Mohamed] raised his hand as though he would strike me,” added Sultan.  “I was defending my prestige as a teacher.”

“I know I was wrong and I apologized to [Mohamed] and his father in front of the teachers,” continued Sultan.

The Ministry of Education announced that investigations into the beating incident resulted in termination of the teacher employment at school, according to Al-Watan news website.

Similar violent incidents against students, as well as teachers, have been reported at schools, prompting the ministry to announce punishments for any assault.

“Any teacher who would carry a stick at school should be referred to investigations,” said Minister of Education Moheb el-Refaie in a March press conference.

A teacher was under investigation in March over the fatal beating of fifth grade student Islam Sherif, 10, who died after sustaining a brain hemorrhage. The reason for the assault was reported as for “not doing his homework.”

Multiple assaults by teachers against students were reported in March, leaving injuries varied between bruises, broken arms and internal bleeding.

A religious education teacher was jailed pending investigations after beating a primary pupil and cutting a lock of her hair as punishment for not wearing a hijab, also in March.

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Additional reporting by Ahmed Abdel hady and Ahmed Akram

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