Egypt cooperation with Iran,Turkey ruled out due to ‘Arab national security’: FM
Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry - YOUM7

CAIRO:  Egypt’s cooperation with Iran and Turkey is ruled out for Arab national security, said Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry Sunday in an annual conference at the Faculty of Economic and Political Studies in Cairo University.

“A rapprochement with Iran amid what is going on in the Arab world is off the table, as that would mean there is a role for Iran in the Arab world, while we are working on Arab national security and territorial integrity,” Shoukry said.

However, he said this position does not mean there is no dialogue in the framework of the U.N. To entrench that stance while discussing the Arab region’s problems, ultimately aiming to peacefully resolve them.

Since the 2013 military ouster of President Mohamed Morsi following mass protests against his regime, Egyptian relations with Turkey have been strained. Meanwhile, Iranian relations with Egypt’s Gulf allies have increasingly worsened in the past few years.

Signs of better relations emerged during Morsi’s one-year term, as ties between Cairo and Tehran have been suspended since 1979. Following Morsi’s ouster, who belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, Gulf States, except Qatar, supported Egypt politically and economically.

The Brotherhood has been designated a “terrorist group” in Egypt, and Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Egypt has also participated in the Saudi Arabia-led Coalition against the Iran-backed Shiite Houthis  in Yemen since March.

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