Breaking: Justice Minster resigns after uproar over ‘inciting discrimination’
Former Minister of Justice Mahfouz Saber - YOUM7(Archive)

CAIRO:  Minister of Justice Mahfouz Saber resigned Monday following social media uproar over his Sunday remarks that cleaners’ sons may not be judges, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab announced.

Hours before heading to France, Mahlab met with Saber, who said the remark was a “slip of the tongue,” but he decided to resign to show respect for the public opinion, according to Youm7.

A complaint was filed with the prosecution Monday against Saber over his “discriminatory remarks,” and social media users called for firing him.

“A Judge should be from an appropriate milieu that is suitable for such a job, with my due respect to the cleaner’s son and those who below or above [their position,”] Saber, 70, told Ten channel Sunday.

“Thanks goes to the cleaner who raised his son to get a university degree (from the Faculty of Law,) many, many thanks to him, but if his son worked in the judiciary, he would suffer from many things, psychological depression, etc. He would be able to continue,” Saber said.

“A judge should come from a respectable milieu, respectable financially and morally,” he added.

Saber’s remarks sparked anger on social media, as users accused him of “inciting discrimination” and underestimating the low-income working class.

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