Clearer security arrangement between GCC, U.S. critical to terrorism fight-Kerry
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speaks at the NATO Foreign Minister's Meeting in Antalya, Turkey May 13, 2015. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

ANTALYA: Defining a clearer security arrangement between Gulf countries and the United States is critical to fighting terrorism, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerrysaid on Wednesday.

Kerry was speaking in Turkey before a summit in the United States later with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states.

“Defining … a clearer defence arrangement between the GCC and other friendly countries and the United States is going to be critical to helping to push back against the terrorism and violence and some of the other activities that take place in that region that are unsettling all of those countries,” he told reporters.

Kerry also said it was a critical moment for action by Russia and pro-Russia separatists in east Ukraine to live up to the Minsk ceasefire agreement and said he was very hopeful of a successful conclusion of the Iran nuclear negotiations.

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