Social media reacts after British Amb tweets “We welcome cleaner’s son”
British Ambassador John Casson - REUTERS

CAIRO: Social media users reacted differently to a Wednesday tweet by the British Ambassador to Egypt, in which he wrote the embassy welcomes “the cleaner’s son” to work at the embassy.

“You want to work at the British Embassy? We welcome everyone and welcome the son of the garbage collector,” British Ambassador John Casson wrote on his Twitter account, which has over 17,000 followers.


Attracting more than 3,000 retweets, Casson’s tweet met reactions varying between applaud and disgrace, as the statement refrences a recent controversial remark by the Justice Minister that led to his resignation Monday.

“Could you guys please verify the Ambassador’s account? It’s too funny to be true,” said a twitter user called @SemSemCPA.

“I thank your spirit and [I am] grateful for your existence on the planet Mr. Ambassador,” @LadyNourie said.

“It is a disgrace that you allow yourself to get involved into a purely an internal matter,” said @samiremile.

Ambassador Casson, who assumed his post in Egypt in August 2014, has gained a reputation for being very active on Twitter and social media.

On Monday, Justice Minister Mahfouz Saber resigned hours after he told the 10 channel Sunday that sons of cleaners may not be judges because a “judge should come from a respectable milieu.”

Saber’s remarks, which he described as “slip of the tongue,” stirred public anger accusing him of “inciting discrimination.”

After his resignation, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab said to CBC TV Channel that “social justice is respected” and that “even a slip of a tongue is not acceptable as long as it contradicts with public opinion.”

Additional reporting by Samar Samir

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