Frontier and emerging markets: Reform awakens

PRESS RELEASE by RENAISSANCE CAPITAL, CAIRO: It is a dark time for emerging markets. Reform has been extinguished in Greece and flickers faintly in South Africa and Turkey. In Russia, Vladimir Putin, convinced that outside forces are seeking to destabilise his federation, plots his next move.

Investors rely on the sinister QE policies of central bankers. A new blow looms as the Fed prepares its assault on vulnerable markets, threatening turmoil as far as the galaxy’s frontier.

But all is not lost. General Buhari sweeps to victory in Nigeria, promising to strike rebel forces led by Boko Haram and escape the clutches of corruption. Little noticed but increasingly powerful, reform has awoken in Pakistan, Romania and Egypt, bringing hope to investors.

The previous was a press release by Renaissance Capital and does not reflect the editorial policy of The Cairo Post.


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