Wafd party members vote yes for Chairman’s amendments
Al Sayed Al-Badawi during the party's internal elections held on Friday - YOUM7/Hassan Mohammed

CAIRO: Some 1335 Wafd party members voted in favor of the bylaw amendments issued by Chairman Al Sayed Al-Badawi during the party’s internal elections held on Friday, Youm 7 reported.

The amendments were over changing the official name of Egypt’s liberal party from “The New Wafd” to its original name “The Egyptian Wafd” along with electing new fifty board members and other five for the party’s secretary post.

Weeks before the elections, the party witnessed an internal conflict over calls from some board members; most notably Fouad Badrawi , to consider a no-confidence vote in the party’s leadership.

They claim that Badawy is trying to get rid of them by changing the party’s bylaws and reducing the number of the board members. They believe that this move aims to weaken the electoral bloc.

However, Badawi suspended this amendment following a meeting with President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi last week in order to resolve the ongoing conflict.

Following the meeting, Badawi announced in a press conference that Sisi offered the conflicting members eight suggestions to resolve the conflict.

“But eventually we agreed upon Sisi’s suggestion to appoint some of them within the board in the light of the chairman’s right to appoint 10 members in the party’s board,” he added.

The party faced a similar confrontation in 2008 when its then chairman Noaman Gomaa closed the party’s daily paper after some members used its premises to hold a sit-in pressuring him to step down.

The Wafd Party is Egypt’s oldest liberal party. Established in 1919, it was the leading party before the 1952 Revolution, which abolished the Egyptian monarchy.

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