Military delegations to fly to 11 states to settle conscription issues 
conscript in Egyptian Army - YOUM7(Archive)

CAIRO: Four military delegations will travel abroad to settle conscription issues of Egyptian expatriates, head of the military Recruitment and Mobilization department General Mohey al-Din Kamal said in a Sunday press conference.

“The expat youth who have reached the military exemption age of 30 years old and do not know their military status until now can extend the validity of their passports for seven years after paying a fine of $558 at the Egyptian embassy,” Kamal was quoted as saying by Youm7.

“We are carrying out these procedures to end the anxiety expats may experience when they need to go back home; they can come [to Egypt] later and check their military status until the age of 44,” he added.

Mohey al-Dein added that all the youth who are not aware of their military status have to register with the military attaché at the Egyptian embassy.

The first delegation will be present in Saudi Arabia, which hosts hundreds of thousands of Egyptians, May 23-29, then Kuwait May 30-June 2 and finally in United Arab Emirates June 3-6.

The second delegation will receive Egyptian with military status issues in Jordan May 25-May 31, while the third one will be in the capitals of the U.K., France, Italy and the Netherlands June 1-June 10, then in Germany’s capital Berlin June 11-15.

The final delegation will head to Washington D.C. June 2-June 16.

Military conscription in Egypt is compulsory for males between 18 and 30 for up to three years, and they may be summoned anytime for nine years after they finish their service. The military status and evaluation of Egyptian men is of vital importance when they apply for any job and when they travel abroad. Among other factors, the conscription duration depends on the citizens’ level of education.

According to Global Fire Power Website, Egyptian military’s numeration is more than 1.2 million; 800,000 are active reserve personnel, while 468,500 are active frontline personnel.

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