Bomb-disposal expert’s leg amputated while diffusing IED in Sharqia
Bomb expert - YOUM7

CAIRO: A bomb-disposal expert had a part of his leg amputated Monday after he was injured attempting to diffuse an explosive device near a police club in Sharqia governorate, Youm7 reported.

Another bomb, planted outside the same club, went off this morning leaving no injuries.

Bomb squad experts have been deployed hundreds of times across Egypt to deal with “suspicious objects” found by citizens amid series of attacks on police facilities that have escalated since the 2013 ouster of President Mohamed Morsi.


Egyptian bomb squad protection suit



The bomb-disposal suit and prior training of bomb squad experts in Egypt have been subject to discussion by the public after the final moments of a bomb expert’s life were caught on camera in a January attack at a Giza police station.

In the past few months, several bombs were discovered and remotely detonated by bomb squads.

A sentry was killed, and a police sergeant and at least three personnel were injured in different Monday attacks at police facilities in Ismailia, Fayoum and Sharqia.

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