Egypt wrestler condemns his delisting over Bahraini sporting nationality
Egyptian wrestler Moahmed Ibrahim Abdel Fattah - Photo Courtesy of his official facebook page

CAIRO: Egyptian wrestler Moahmed Ibrahim Abdel Fattah, known as Bogy, has expressed his disappointment at removing his name off the Egyptian Wrestling Federation (EWF) over representing Bahrain in the 2015 Asian Wrestling Championship, held in Doha May 9-10.

“I am deeply upset about the decision; if I had wanted to leave Egypt, I would have left it 20 years ago, as an Arab country [previously] offered me its sporting nationality, but I preferred to make history for my country. So, how come I am punished?” Bogy said in an interview with Youm7 Monday.

Five days ago, the EWF removed Bogy’s name after playing for Bahrain, although the EWF president Hassan el-Haddad had officially sent his approval to Bahrain in December 2013, according to Bogy.

An Egyptian sport citizen should have the approval of any foreign sporting nationality from both the Egyptian Ministry of Sports and the federation of the game he plays.

When Bogy’s name was listed among Asian Championship wrestlers as playing for Bahrain, the Egyptian Ministry of Sports asked the United World Wrestling (UWW) for a clarification over his Bahraini representation.

The UWW sent back an e-mail, saying the international approval was based on Haddad’s letter.

The Ministry of Sport has opened an investigation into granting the approval, Youm7 reported Friday.

The EWF Board of Directors blamed Haddad, saying they “had no idea” about Bogy’s new sporting nationality.

The board also held a meeting Wednesday, announcing that Haddad did not notify them and that he violated the federation executive regulations, which stipulate that giving any foreign sporting nationality to an Egyptian wrestler should be upon consensus.

Additional Reporting Yasmin Yehia

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