Egypt’s religious authority denounces calls to murder judges, soldiers
Sinai Province - Screenshot from Youtube

CAIRO: The calls for murdering judges that have emerged “on the lips of some members of terrorist organizations are associated with the ideology of these organizations, and are not related the science of fatwa and its conditions and objectives,” Dar al-Iftaa said in a Thursday statement.

Dar al-Iftaa, Egypt’s foundation authorized to issue religious decisions, warned against following the call, which would only serve the “purposes of extremist groups and currents and implementing their own agenda.”

What excuse do Muslims have when the prisons of Arab and foreign tyrants are abound with Muslim men and women; common people, preachers and scholars,” Abu Osama al-Masry, leader of Sinai Province, said in a Wednesday audio.

“[Who] have been sentenced or are awaiting a sentence not pursuant to the rule of God, pronounced by tyrants so-called judges,” he said.

Masry expresses love for people, incites murder

Masry called on people to use weapons against those who imprison “our brothers, if you cannot find [weapons,] you will find an inattentive [target,] take his weapon and kill him with it, then search for every soldier for the tyrant and kill him and arm others [like you,] Masry added.

Speaking extensively and poetically about how much he and his fighters “love them,” he called on people who do not act to support their “brothers” to join the Islamic State, to which Sinai Province pledged allegiance in November. He warned that President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi will bomb their homes like “he did in Sinai.”

Three judges and their driver were shot dead by unknown assailants in North Sinai’s city of Arish May 16, hours after former President Mohamed Morsi was sentenced to death in a jailbreak case during the 2011 uprising.

On May 10, Judge Moataz Khafagy, who presides two trials of iconic Muslim Brotherhood members, survived an assassination attempt when a bomb detonated outside his residence in Cairo’s southern district of Helwan, destroying his car.

Two suspected of carrying out the attack were killed in an exchange of fire Monday in Giza’s blue-collar district of Omraniya, according to the police.

In September 2014, the son of Mahmoud el-Sayed, a senior judge at Cairo Appeals Court, was murdered after gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on him in the Delta’s Mansoura, north of Cairo. In December, the police said they arrested a suspect in the case.

“Poison their food, lurk around their homes and routes, destroy their cars, and learn how to bomb them to detonate them if you could. If you could know their homes, ruin their lives and do not let them warm, safe and asleep and your brothers are in the dark, imprisoned, cold and chained,” Masry said in the 17-minute audio.

“We will not get tired of advising you and will not relent on supporting you… we will support you and remove ignominy off you and restore your dignity and your pillaged glory.”

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