2 stray dogs paralyzed in hasty spinal cord injury
stray dog in Maadi - Photo courtesy of founder of Cairo Animal Rescue Team (CART) Abdel Rahman Youssef

By: Sara Ghali

CAIRO: Two stray dogs became paralyzed and blind in Cairo’s upscale district of Maadi Wednesday following a hasty spinal cord injury carried out for “scientific research” purposes, said founder of Cairo Animal Rescue Team (CART) Abdel Rahman Youssef.

“The story began when a friend called and said that she found dogs caged in a garage in Maadi and, by asking the garage keeper, we knew that a veterinary student rented the garage to lock packs of stray dogs for unauthorized scientific researches,” Youssef told The Cairo Post Thursday.

By opening the cage, a number of dogs were found, some of which were subjected to injuries and got paralyzed, blind and have no control over urine, according to Youssef.


“CART was able to free the dogs and get them the essential help and shelter, the paralyzed dogs were sent to Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA) to get the medical care,” he added.

Youssef said that a detailed police report on the incident was filed Wednesday at Maadi police station.

Stray dogs and cats in Egypt are numerous, especially in Cairo, but are not typically mistreated or attacked by residents.

On May 11, dozens of animal rights activists had gathered in Alexandria’s district of Cleopatra in protest against the killing six stray puppies.

In February 2015, a video showing a pet dog being stabbed to death went viral on social media.

Some 1,757 stray dogs and 518 stray cats were killed in January 2013 when a campaign against stray animals was launched in Suez, according to the Occupy for Animals organization.

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