Prosecution probes into alleged killing of Ain Shams student
Ain Shams University student Islam Atito

CAIRO: The Public prosecution started Saturday investigations into last week’s alleged killing of Ain Shams University student Islam Atito, ex-head of Student Union told The Cairo Post Sunday on the condition of anonymity.

“The prosecution has investigated the faculty administration officials, and has received surveillance camera footage that show Atito’s entry and exit from the university Tuesday,” said Waleed.

He added that the faculty has been closed since the study ended recently, and no one can enter except students who have final exams.

Waleed and other students resigned last week from the student union in protest at the death of their classmate. Atito was found dead Wednesday on the Fifth Settlement desert Road in New Cairo; his colleagues claimed he was abducted outside the university Tuesday.

In the union’s resignation statement, the students said that Atito, an electrical engineering student, was taking his exam when a “stranger accompanied by a member of the faculty staff interrupted [the students’] examination” to enquire about him, and then “escorted him to an unknown location” after the exam was over.

For its part, the faculty administration denied the union’s “abduction claims” and stated Thursday that “the faculty’s surveillance cameras show that [Atito] left on Tuesday at 11:30 am with his colleagues after the exam was over.”

Waleed, however, claimed that a member of the student union, who was present when the footage was being screened, said that two people appeared “stalking” Atito.

The student union slammed the Interior Ministry’s “fabricated story…that [Atito] was shot down in a fire exchange with security forces in a hideout,” read the union statement Thursday. The police said the fire exchange took place in the desert around the Fifth Settlement, and that Atito opened fire first.

An Interior Ministry’s statement Wednesday accused Atito of the assassination of Colonel Wael Tahoun, who was killed outside his house in Cairo’s district Ain Shams in April 2015.

Atito’s mother appeared in a video breaking down in tears outside the morgue, where her son was taken, saying her son’s body was “bruised” and his arms were “broken.”

An earlier version of this story included the name of ex-head of the Student Union, but he later called requesting anonymity for security reasons. 

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