Two Egyptian nationals killed in Islamist-controlled northern Libya
Libyan gunmen - AFP

CAIRO: Two Egyptian nationals have been killed in Islamists-controlled northern Libya, media outlets reported Sunday.

Abdel-Wakil Fadl has been killed in the northern City of Benghzi when a bomb hit a food shop, where he worked, in el-Hout market, Egypt’s State news agency MENA reported Sunday.

Delta’s Beheira-born Fadl   was transported to October 7th Hospital in Benghazi, where he died due to severe injuries, a Libyan security official stated Sunday.

In the northwestern city of Gharyan, another Egyptian citizen was killed by unknown assailants, his housemates told his relatives in Cairo, according to Youm7.

The dead body of Mahmoud Saad Abd Rabbu, 32, was found and covered in bruises, his housemates added. The dead body was transferred to Gharyan morgue, Youm7 reported Sunday.

Abd Rabbu’s brothers told Youm7 the latest phone call from him was on May 17, adding that he expressed his hope to go back home.

“I need nothing expect my son’s body to be buried in his homeland,” Abd Rabbu’s mother said, begging the Egyptian Foreign Ministry to help in returning the body.

Since the February 2011 Libyan uprising and the death of late Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, Libya has sunk in deep security turmoil. It has been controlled by the Islamists and hardliners in the northern parts, while other parts came under the authority of the international recognized Tobruk-based government.

Due to the security turmoil, dozens of Egyptian nationals have been killed in bombs or executed by insurgents. Following the mass execution of 20 Egyptians by the Islamic State (IS) branch in Libya in January, Egypt launched airstrikes in cooperation with Tobruk government on the northern area where IS hotbeds are located.

The total number of Egyptians killed since the Libyan crisis is uncertain.

On February 21, the dead bodies of six nationals, aged 18-35, arrived home after being killed in blasts in the eastern city of al-Quba.

With the increasing number of the slain Egyptians, Egypt’s government has called on all its citizens there to go back home.

In August 2014, Egypt coordinated with Tunisia to evacuate its nationals through the Tunisian-Libyan borders; more than 11,000 Egyptian nationals have returned to the country.

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