Press Release: FGM declines by 13% in Egypt- DHS

The Demographic Health Survey (DHS) – Egypt in 2014 demonstrates that there is a clear decline among the new generations with regards to the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) as the overall proportion of ever married women in the age group (15-49 years) exceeds 90%, but is lower among girls in the age group (15-17 years old ) to 61%,where this age group decreased by more than 13% compared to the 2008 survey, and this decline reflects the impact of national efforts by the FGM Abandonment and Family Empowerment Program, which is implemented by the Ministry of State for Population.

The new survey also pointed out that there is a clear decline in the trends of mothers intentions supporting the practice of FGM against the figures and statements of previous surveys since 2000, where the support of the practice was 75%, and reached in the2014 survey to only 58%, in urban areas and Lower Egypt the expected percentage of circumcised women and girls in the age group (0-19 years) reaches to 10-11% in the governorates of Damietta and Port Said, and there is a noticeable improvement of the indicators in some governorates of Upper Egypt.

Hala Youssef, Minister of State for Population, elaborated that “the data analysis pertaining to girls in the age group (15-17 years) reflects the efforts of media campaigns and on the ground community initiatives, in addition to Law enforcement efforts, as we have seen in the latest sentencing regarding Suhair el Batei’s case,― who died while undergoing FGM by physician, which resulted in a 2 year jail sentence for the doctor and the reprimanding of the father for three-month with a suspended sentence.”

The Minister also added that, “the large number that exceeds 90% of mothers does not bother me much, as the figure represents a sample of women who were born in the mid-seventies and eighties in the age group (35-49 years) and this age group will continue to be represented in the upcoming surveys for many years, but what bothers me most is that more than 80% of FGM cases are carried out by health service providers, despite the fact that the FGM practice is a clear violation of the ‘Ethical and Professional Charter for Physicians’.

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