Egyptian court says not authorized to label Israel ‘terrorist state’
YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Abdeen Court of Urgent Matters stated Monday it has no legal authority to consider a lawsuit demanding the designation of Israel as a “terrorist state,” Youm7 reported.

In March, Nedal Center for Human Rights and Freedoms (NCHRF) filed the case against the President, the Foreign Minister, and the Minster of Defense to issue a decree labelling Israel a “terrorist state.”

NCHRF cited human rights violations committed by Israel, as well as Israeli-led espionage cases in Egypt between 1985 and 2013.

The case also called for banning the sale of French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo and Liberation newspaper in Egypt over “blasphemy against Prophet Mohamed.”

The court previously banned the activities of April 6 Youth Movement, and blacklisted Palestinian Hamas’ Qassam Brigades and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The court is also deliberating another case requesting the designation of Qatar and Turkey as “states that support terrorism.”

Former dean of the Faculty of Law at Cairo University Mahmoud Kubeish told The Cairo Post Feb. 22 that the Court of Urgent Matters is not authorized to consider said cases and there is no provision in the law by which a court may label foreign countries as supporters of “terrorism.”

Relations between Egypt on one hand and Qatar and Turkey on the other have strained after the ouster of the Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

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