Court upholds 1-month sentence against Alaa Abd el-Fattah
Alaa Abd el-Fattah - YOUM7

CAIRO: A one-month jail sentence and a fine of 200 EGP ($26) were upheld Thursday against prominent activist Alaa Abd el-Fattah on charges of insulting the police.

The case was filed when Abd el-Fattah, according to the investigations, told police officers “dirty ministry, May you all die and be bombed, you and your children.”

Abd el-Fattah had challenged the ruling on grounds that he did not insult a particular officer or used a word that offends public modesty, and that the case was illegally filed as he was under “moral compulsion” by the officer drafting the file of the case.

The suspended sentence of one year in prison of Abd el-Fattah was upheld May 11; he is charged with torching former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq’s presidential campaign headquarters in May 2012. Abd el-Fattah had challenged the ruling due to “contrived investigations” carried out by the National Security, as he denies he was present when the building was burned down.

In February, Abd Al Fattah, along with 24 co-defendants was sentenced to five years in prison over charges of violating the protest law.

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