1440 Palestinians crossed Rafah border in past 3 days: Source
Palestinians at Rafah border - YOUM7(Archive)

CAIRO: Some 1440 Palestinians have crossed Egypt’s Rafah border crossing to the blockaded Gaza Strip within the past three days, an Egyptian border official told Youm7 Thursday.

Egyptian authorities opened Rafah border crossing on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to allow Palestinians to go back their home, as well as for humanitarian aid and construction materials to enter the strip.

The border was opened for three days in January 2015 in both directions. Before that, it was opened briefly in December 2014 to allow students and humanitarian cases to enter Egypt.

Rafah border has been largely closed since the militant attacks in North Sinai that killed more than 30 Egyptian soldiers in October 2014.

Due to terror attacks on the Egyptian military personnel in North Sinai, the army launched numerous military operations on militants, closed the borders with the strip, created a 1-kilometer buffer zone and destroyed tunnels used for smuggling arms and goods between Gaza and Egypt.

Hamas took control over Gaza strip in 2007 following violent clashes with its rival Fatah, which represents the Palestinian National Authority; an Israeli blockade has been enforced over the strip since then, as well as Egyptian restrictions over long-term opening of the Rafah crossing.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Hussein

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