Trial of ‘hands off’ dancer adjourned
Reda el-Fouly - Screen shot from video

CAIRO: The trial of Reda el-Fouly; a woman who appeared in a YouTube video wearing a low cut top and a revealing dress was adjourned to Sunday; the first hearing of her “inciting debauchery” trial was held Thursday.

Posted on May 18, the video shows Fouly belly-dancing and shaking her breasts at the camera in close-up.

On May 12, Egyptian-American director Wael Elsedeki who appeared in the clip, has posted an audio-only version of the song, dubbed “hands off,” while three days earlier, he posted an ad on his Facebooc account seeking a woman “with a nice voice to record a duet with me, she must be from Cairo with a good sense of humor and good appearance.”

The song is about a girl who likes to be harassed in Cairo’s busy metro. Reda dances suggestively to the song.

Shortly after the clip stirred a controversy in Egypt, Elsediki announced May 22 he was in Tunisia. Meanwhile, Reda was arrested at a café in Cairo’s district of Mohandeseen. The cameraman of the clip, Rezk Ramadan, was also arrested.

Fouly testified that she thought she was in an acting test, and did not know the clip was going to be produced in that manner or that it would be posted online. Elsedeki told Dream TV Tuesday that Fouly’s statements were not true, and that she knew they were shooting a clip to be posted on YouTube.

In December 2014, Elsedeki launched his own online comedy show WDF on his YouTube channel, but his videos have fairly few views. He now has 22,370 subscribers on YouTube and 43,000 likes on Facebook.

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  1. Gonzalo Mateos
    June 5, 2015 at 2:56 am

    Freedom for Reda el-Fouly

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