Jailed U.S. activist deported after renouncing his Egyptian citizenship
Mohamed Sultan - YOUM7(Archive)

CAIRO: Dual U.S.-Egyptian citizen Mohamed Sultan, who has been on a hunger strike since January 2014, was deported to the United States, family member Omar Sultan said in his facebook account Saturday.

“Mohamed is on his way home after nearly two years in captivity. After extensive efforts, the U.S. government has successfully secured Mohamed’s deportation back home to the U.S., mercifully concluding this dark chapter for Mohamed and our family,” read the statement.

According to the Anadolu Turkish news agency, Sultan was deported after he relinquished his Egyptian citizenship; however, the Egyptian Prisons Authority has denied in a statement to Youm7 Saturday.

Sultan, who is facing multiple charges including the financing of an anti-government sit-in and spreading false news, in the case known by the media as ‘Rabaa Control Room’ was sentenced to life in April. The verdict can be appealed.

The decision came according to a 2014 presidential decree to extradite non-Egyptian prisoners to their home countries to be tried or serve a sentence in accordance with Egypt’s high national interest, Attorney General Hisham Barakat told Youm7.

Video: Muhamed Sultan arrives in United States on Sunday

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