51 arrested at Egypt-Libya Sallum border crossing over “illegal immigration”
“illegal immigration” at Egypt-Libya Borders - YOUM7(Archive)

CAIRO: Some 51 people, including five Sudanese, have been arrested at Egypt’s western Sallum Border Crossing over attempted “illegal immigration” to Libya, Youm7 reported Saturday.

This sort of arrests comes as part of an ongoing security campaign to combat “illegal immigration” at Egypt’s borders, according to Al-Anany Hamouda, head of Marsa Matrouh security directorate.

During the past few months, officials at the Egypt-Libya crossing have arrested hundreds of Egyptians and foreigners trying to travel to Libya illegally through desert routes.

According to Youm7, officials say that border authorities in Siwa oasis and Sallum have been foiling 3,000 illegal attempts to travel to Libya per month adding that those who manage to infiltrate are a lot more.

Some 88 Egyptians were arrested on May 27, while 103 others were detained on May 25 at the Sallum border over similar circumstances.

Also, many Egyptian migrants have been deported after illegally arriving at European shores, while others drowned during the process. In March, 13 were deported from Italy under similar circumstances.

Despite the fact that wide swaths of the Libya are under Islamist militias’ grip, migrants are believed to be searching for a better life in Egypt’s western neighbor or to immigrate to Europe taking the advantage of Libya’s lax security arrangement.

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