Al-Jazeera retrial adjourned to hear defense pleading
Mohamed Fahmy sits in Al-Jazeera retrial - Photo by Nourhan Magdi

CAIRO: A Cairo court adjourned Monday the retrial of two Al-Jazeera journalists accused of “terrorism-related” charges to June 4 to hear the defense pleading.

Monday’s hearing witnessed the pleading of the prosecution against the journos and students charged in the case, known in local media as the “Marriott Cell.”

Canadian Mohamed Fahmy and his colleague Baher Mohamed are being retried over charges of publishing false news in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are also accused of operating the Al-Jazeera Channel bureau in Egypt without a valid broadcast license; however, Fahmy tweeted they were never informed the license expired Sep. 8, 2013. He said both of them could be sentenced to 1-3 years in prison over the charge.

Baher Mohamed sits in the court in n  Al-Jazeera retrial

Baher Mohamed sits in the court in n Al-Jazeera retrial – Photo by Nourhan Magdi


Fahmy has repeatedly criticized his former employer Al-Jazeera English for “negligence in protecting them” and for airing their reports on Al-Jazeera Mubashir Misr channel. He announced filing a lawsuit against the channel.

A committee, assigned to review the journos’ seized footage, has testified that the videos “were not edited” after an initial committee accused them of fabricating videos to harm national security.

Since the beginning of their retrial, all preliminary indications of testimonies at court seem to fall in their favor.

In February, Fahmy and Mohamed were released pending their case, and their Australian colleague Greste was deported per an extradition decree. Arrested in December 2013, the three have spent over a year in prison over what they called “sham” charges and trial procedures.

In January, their June jail sentences to seven and 10 years were overturned, and a retrial was ordered.

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