Egypt allocates $214.9M for vocational education
Vocational Education Minister Mohamed Yousif

CAIRO: Egypt will allocate €197 million ($214.9 million) for the development of the vocational education schools in Egypt over the next five years, Youm7 quoted Vocational Education Minister Saturday.

Deputy Education Minister for Technical and Vocational Training, Mohamed Youssef, said in a press conference in Beni Suef Saturday that the government is working on creating a trained technical labor, by improving vocational curricula and schools.

“Fees will be collected from the firms when established; where fees won’t be refunded unless the factory trains a number of students, as followed in Bahrain and England,” Youssef said.

Youssef emphasized the importance of the theoretical education and practical training at factories, noting that linking the student with the labor market guarantees their employability after graduation.

He added that a whole academic year will be added to a student’s study if he exceeds the absenteeism limit starting 2016, as the law that allows vocational students to attend the exams regardless of their absenteeism will be amended, Youssef added.

In December 2013, the Ministry of Education launched a new vocational training program to fight illiteracy and curb dropout rates, with “Together We Can” as a slogan.

The project aims to reduce unemployment rates by enhancing the technical skills of secondary school students according to the market’s needs.

In March 2014, Education Development Fund and Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) signed an agreement to enact the grant, which will fund a vocational training center once the governments of the two countries sign the agreement.

KOICA will assist in drafting the curricula of the courses, train Egyptian trainers in South Korea and Egypt to deliver the center’s courses later, and market the center’s products by conducting workshops and seminars.

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