Ministry of Transitional Justice drafts law on resettling Nubians
Minister of Transitional Justice Ibrahim el-Heneidy - YOUM7

CAIRO: A unified draft law on the resettlement of Nubians is being prepared per a Cabinet request, said Transitional Justice minister Ibrahim El-Henidey Monday.

El-Heidney said in a press conference that his ministry assigned a committee to prepare a draft law on the issue of Nubians and developing their lands, citing that 1,150 Nubians were interviewed by the committee over their circumstances and where they want to be relocated.

Nubians were displaced from their historic lands several times in the 20th century to leave room to build the Aswan Reservoir, then the High Dam and Lake Nasser, which flooded their villages behind the dam. The ethnic group has complained that they have not been properly compensated since then.

Article 236 of 2014 constitution obliges the state to prepare then execute development and economic projects for the sake of resettling the Nubian people in near their original lands within ten years from passing the constitution.

Before the constitution was passed in January 2014, representatives from Nubian pressure groups announced they would vote yes to the constitution.

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