Pics: Largest ancient whale unearthed in Egypt
Minister of Environment Khaled Fahmy During Tuesday press conference - YOUM7/Kareem-Abdulkareem

CAIRO: The largest basilosaurus, a genus of early whale, has been unearthed at Fayoum’s Valley of Whales, Minister of Environment Khaled Fahmy said in a Tuesday press conference.

Remnants of other sea creatures were found inside the whale, such as crab, sawfish and a small whale. Large amounts of shark teeth were found next to the whale’s skeleton with evidence that sharks ate the 40-million-year-old whale after it died.

The Valley of Whales in Fayoum, southwest of Cairo, is a valuable source of fossils covering the era where whales lived on land and in sea.  The skeleton, discovered by an Egyptian excavation team, includes the smallest vertebras of the tail, marking the only complete skeleton of basilosaurus in the world, according to Fahmy.

The Whales Valley was discovered in 1902 by international scientific delegations. Since that date, 10 whales have been discovered in this area.


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