Lawyers Syndicate calls for strike Saturday against “police assault”
Lawyers Syndicate - YOUM7(ARCHIVE)

CAIRO: Egypt’s lawyers Syndicate called on its members to stage a nationwide strike on Saturday in protest against an alleged “assault” by a police officer on a lawyer.

The call comes after a police officer on Tuesday has allegedly thrown his shoes at lawyer Emad Fahmy, who was defending a client at Faraskur police station in Egypt’s Delta governorate of Damietta, al-Wafd newspaper reported.

“Ministry of Interior still goes backward to pre- 25 January 2011 strategy by ignoring protection of the civilians. The assault took place at Faraskur police station is an outrageous crime and villainous aggression,” head of Lawyers Syndicate Sameh Ashour said in a press conference.

“The lawyers will not leave their right,” he added.

Fahmy has been hospitalized and had nine stitches in his head after the attack, Ashour said, adding that reports against the police officer and the Ministry of Interior were filed to the Attorney General.

Ashour noted that the strike will not be applied during the trials of imprisoned defendants or in the cases of urgent matters, adding that in case that a lawyer violates the syndicate’s decision; he would be referred to disciplinary council.

To protest the “bad treatment of the police officers,” around 150 lawyers have staged a protest at Faraskur court Wednesday in solidarity with their fellow lawyer,

As for the death of lawyer Karim Hamdy, who was tortured to death at the Matarya police station in February, Ashour said the trial of the two police officers involved in the case will resume on June 8.

On March 29, North Cairo Court ordered the release of the two Homeland Security police officers on a bail of EGP 10,000 ($1,300) following a request submitted by the officers’ defense team. However, attorney General Hesham Barakat appealed the ruling.

In April, Lawyer Imam Afify, 63, died in a hospital after experiencing a brain hemorrhage that put him in a coma at the Matariya police station.

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