E-Finance runs e-collection service for Zakat
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CAIRO: The national e-payment company, E-Finance, said in a statement Wednesday it will run an e-collection service for the proceeds of the Zakat, “religious tax.”

The move aims to help advocating solidarity among the community members and to maintain the dignity of Zakat (charity) receivers, according to the statement.

It also aims at facilitating the operation of paying Zakat through all the electronic channels provided by the e-payment and collection centers operated by e-Finance with the cooperation of the commercial banks, said the statement.

The service also involves establishing a data base for Zakat payers and connecting it to the company’s e-payments and collection centers. It is also based on establishing an integrated system to list the data of those eligible to receive the charity. Cards are being issued for the poor people to receive the charity money from post offices.

Zakat is a form of obligatory alms-giving and religious tax in Islam. It is donation of certain amount of wealth, based on income and the value of all of one’s possessions.

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