Education Ministry revokes 4 int’l schools licenses over ‘irregularities’
Minister of Education Moheb al-Rafei - YOUM7

CAIRO: The licenses of four international schools have been revoked over financial and “administrative irregularities,” sources at Egypt’s Education Ministry told Youm7 Tuesday.

The licenses were revoked in less than 3 months after Education Minister Moheb el-Rafei was sworn in March 5, the source said, adding that the violations included “forged school certificates, stamps and watermarks.”

The decision coincides with the end of Egypt’s academic year.

“After inspections, the ministry’s Private and International Education Committee decided to close 10 private schools while other 16 private and international schools were temporarily placed under the financial and administration supervision of the committee,” the source said.

Language or international schools fall within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education but offer a final degree other than Egypt’s Thanaweya Amma “General Secondary Education Certificate.” Their curriculum is based on the system they are accredited by.

The schools, which were closed over “violations,” have been a grace period of one week to adjust their status, or their licenses will be revoked, according to the source.

About 1.7 percent of Egyptian students attend international schools, which offer better activities, facilities, and teaching environment, according to reports conducted by UNICEF in 2012.

The exact number of international and private schools in Egypt, though small, remains unknown.


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