Video: Giza Zoo lake animals allegedly swim in sewage
Crocodile - YOUM7

CAIRO: Local animal welfare societies have accused Giza Zoo manager of “negligence” claiming that reptiles, several lake animals and fishes are swimming in water mixed with sewage, Youm7 reported Thursday.

Youm7 showed images of several lake animals in one of Giza Zoos’ lakes filled with green and allegedly turbid water. The green color, according to animal rights’ activists, is due to the drainage water, which they say could cause “epidemic and infectious diseases” among animals in the zoo.


Turbid lakes in Nile crocodile’s enclosure



Green water in American Aligator’s enclosure



In statements to Youm7, Activist Dina Zulfaqqar demanded Minister of Agriculture Salah Helal to open an urgent investigation into the hygiene status of the water in the zoo’s lakes, as well as to form a veterinarian committee from the ministry to examine the animals in the Giza Zoo.

Video showing hippos and crocodiles swimming in green, turbid water

On the other hand, head of the Central Administration at the Giza Zoo, Fatma Emam denied that sewage is mixed with the water in the lake, saying that the reason for color change is due to “a blockage in the water pipe that prevented renewing the lake water throughout the week.”

In December 2013, a media storm erupted after a three-year old giraffe named Roka died when its head was tangled in a hanging wired-basket containing its food.

Giza Zoo is one of the ancient zoological gardens in the world; it was built in 1891 by Khedive Ismail. It currently covers a distance of about 80 acres, and is home to many endangered species.

The venue is one of the preferred places to which hundreds of visitors head during feasts and vacations.

Additional reporting by Ezz el-Nouby

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