Egypt launches training program to empower Syrian refugee women
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CAIRO: The National Council for Woman (NCW,) in coordination with the UN Women regional office in Cairo launched a training project aims to economically support Syrian women in Egypt, Youm7 reported Friday.

The project is will be implemented in five countries that host Syrians; it aims to financially empower Syrian women and protect them from violence through vocational training programs, Hoda Hanafy of the NCW was quoted by Youm7.

The project includes activities such as sewing, handmade carpets, automatic embroidery, knitwear industry, nursing, first aid and cooking along with and awareness campaigns to combat violence against women, she added.

The project will also receive Egyptian women and breadwinners; the 6 of October city has been chosen along with some impoverished communities to host the training programs.

Some 37 women have been already taught nursing and first aid in past two training courses; five more courses will be given during June, said Hanafy.

Since the Syrian uprising first erupted in 2011, thousands of Syrians have sought refuge in Egypt, where most of them are residing and working in Cairo’s 6 October City.

According to UNHCR, the number of registered Syrian refugees in Egypt has hit 134, 329.

Many of the Syrians living in Egypt had run their own businesses including: restaurants selling Syrian food like: shawerma.

Additional reporting by Nada Saleem

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  1. Lynne Roy
    February 25, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    Where can I go to find a live in care giver. I would like to offer work and accommodation to any local or refugee woman who is looking for shelter. Please answer to the above email

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