Palestinian hit by jeep, killed amid clashes with Israelis
Palestinian scuffle with Israeli soldiers after a Palestinian was killed in clashes with Israeli forces - AP

JERUSALEM: Israeli and Palestinian officials say a 22-year-old Palestinian man has been killed after being hit by an Israeli army jeep amid clashes in the West Bank.

The clashes happened early Sunday morning near Ramallah. Palestinian officials say local residents were hurling stones at the Israeli troops, while the Israeli military said the deceased man threw a firebomb at an Israeli military jeep.

The military says the jeep swerved to miss the firebomb and struck the Palestinian man. It said Israeli forces later entered the village of Malec to try and provide medical assistance to the man, but the Palestinian had already died from his wounds. Palestinians also said the man died as a result of being hit by the jeep.

The Israeli military says it is investigating the incident.

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