‘Radical material’ banned from Egypt’s mosques
Mohamed Mokhtar Egypt’s Ministry of Endowment -YOUM7/Archive

CAIRO: Minister Endowment Mokhtar Gomaa ordered Monday to remove any material, books, cassettes or C.D.s, that incite violence or bear radical thoughts from mosques, Al-Ahram newspaper reported Monday.

Mokhtar called on mosques’ administrators to provide the ministry with a list of the books they have in their libraries to get inspected and approved.

In a similar development, the Ministry of Endowment instructed mosques to remove books authored by Hassan el-Banna, 19th-century founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, and other “radical books.”

“We have not directed any mosques to burn any books, but to inspect all of them and put radical books in the warehouses of the directorates,” Gomaa said in a Monday statement, denying rumors he ordered to set “radical books” to fire.

Al-Ahram also reported the ministry would take immediate actions against unlicensed preachers who deliver sermons at mosques; such preachers may face jail terms up to one year.

The Ministry of Endowment has even suspended some licensed preachers for delivering “inciting sermons.”

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