Libya deports 100 Egyptians illegally entered its territory
Egyptians wait to leave a detention center for illegal immigrants east of the city of Misrata, Libya during their deportation back to Egypt - AP

CAIRO: Libyan authorities on Tuesday have deported 100 Egyptians who illegally entered its territory, reported the state agency MENA.

“They were arrested, kept in an illegal migrants’ camp in Tobruk before they were deported Tuesday via the Libyan-Egyptian border Musaid-Sallum crossing,” Head of Illegal Immigration Authority in Tobruk Mansour el-Obeidy was quoted by MENA.

Despite hundreds of Egyptians fleeing war-torn Libya through the Sallum crossing, many others are still attempting to enter the oil-rich country in search for work.

The Sallum crossing has been receiving Egyptians fleeing the security vacuum in Libya following the release of a video in mid-February showing the beheading of 20 Egyptians by the Islamic State (IS) group. Cairo responded to the murders with airstrikes on suspected IS bases in eastern Libya.

Libya has been one of the largest destinations for Egyptian laborers who are seeking to make a better living.

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