Paris Hilton to sue Egyptian prank show: Int’l press
Ramez Wakel el-Gaw," dubbed Ramez in Control - ScreenShot

CAIRO: International magazines and websites appeared circulating news on Paris Hilton suing those responsible for the Egyptian prank show “Ramez Wakel el-Gaw,” dubbed Ramez in Control, which was aired June 27.

“I am suing the ‘plane crash’ prankters: Paris Hilton,” TMZ titled its article Tuesday. It reported that Hilton is “totally freaked to fly anywhere” after what happened on the plane. She also assured that she had not previous knowledge about what was going to happen, according to the magazine.

Also, Daily Mail published the news Tuesday saying that Hilton is determined to find the people responsible for the idea of the show, as she has a “strong case for emotional distress.”

Then 9GAG.TV posted the prank on its website and its social platforms and described the idea of the show as “plain cruel,” saying that Hilton was about to die.

On the day the episode was aired, The Huffington Post published the video along with an article saying that the prank was “very disturbing to watch” and that it was a “horrific fake plane crash.”

Comments of the people who watched the video on social media platforms had mixed opinions. Mostly, people criticized the show and its idea, describing it with the “insane,” “sick joke” and “not funny.”

Some people praised Hilton’s reaction that included no cursing, unlike other celebrities who were pranked the same way. Other social media users encouraged Hilton to sue the TV host.

The prank show was aired in Dubai; it is about a big hotel’s opening where celebrities are hosted to attend and take a 15 minutes aerial tour over the city.

The plane’s pilot starts to make maneuvers and let the passengers, mainly the star, believe that the plane is going to crash. During the flight, a man opens the plane’s door and throws a person from above, telling the celebrity that the plane is going to land on the water and that passengers have to jump out.

Hilton appeared weeping and screaming telling Galal that she does not want to jump.

After the plane landed, Galal told Hilton that he is an Egyptian actor and that it is a prank show, while she was shaking and crying. She, after a while, described the experience as the” biggest fear of her whole life,” as she thought she is going to die.

In the past four years, Galal presented prank shows in which he hosted some Egyptian and Arab stars. His shows were dangerous and bold; one was about lion attacks on a hotel, another about a terrorist attack on a tourist bus, a third about a shark attack, and a fourth about a Pharaonic curse inside a tomb.

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  1. DK ramadhan
    July 1, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    Cheap quality prank, they deserved to be sued

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